Spot Check

Here on the west coast, the season of love, spring, starts now. This spring, leopard-laced flats, pumps, stilettos and mules are coming through in a big way.

Leopard patterns give off a fierce, sassy, decisive vibe. They are the fashion equivalent of what we love about the strong, silent guy: neutral in tone and bold in statement. They look great with a body-suit or blouse in sandy tones, rose-red, olive green, and my favorite color, black.

Although the classic leopard print hinges on a neutral palette, the print itself is eye catching and lit so keep the rest of your look low-key or monochrome to hit that sweet spot.

xx, BC


In Plain Sight

I’m sure when troops smeared mud on their threads to duck and cover from their opposition they never imagined their move would one day go vogue.

Once a tactical necessity, this autumn brings service camo an hour all to itself. You’ll mostly see it on slim fit thermals, denim vests, and the occasional crossbody, but aside from comfy-turned-sexy sweaters, it’s the backing track to fall eighteen.

Of course, it’s not the new kid in any area, as designers and boutiques have offered camo as long as they’ve offered the silhouettes they grace. It’s just a bit more understated, a bit more quietly confident. Originally lacing itself into fashion with a full-figured palette of olive and electric then wash and repeat, this fall the old standard is softened up. Genderless and a true elevated basic, camo is an essential keystone this fall. You can sport it without ever having to scale even one wall or skill-crawl. Unless you want to.

xx, BC