Welcome to you.  Deep down, inside your soul, between your plush heart and stomach flora is a bright, burning suite of a woman.  She is the female, regardless of a girl-birth or a boy-birth, societal standards, and conventional definitions.                      

The Cool Girl is high-culture and highly self-important. She knows that she cannot be of assistance to anyone else in an effective way unless she is first crushing on herself. 

The CG chases opportunities, goals, and justice for all. 

The CG has boundaries, in fact, quite a few. 

The CG doesn't authorize any variety of cliche random-access confidence, the kind that is grabbed in small bites a few minutes before needed. She just lives confidence.

 She is cool, calm, and collective; she deeply appreciates the beauty and natural talents of other females and she understands her primitive biological duty to bond and gather with other women. 

The CG pursues the interests and hobbies she proclaimed in grade school, and if she's forgotten them, she acknowleges them as her first loves and returns to them. 

She answers only to her mother figure or father figure, who then in turn reminds her that she answers only to herself. 

The CG invites you to fall hard for your herself. 

  Francesca Woodman  / self-portrait from her Polka Dot Period 1975-1976

Francesca Woodman / self-portrait from her Polka Dot Period 1975-1976