Hot Track

You probably know the generalities of your subconscious mind, meaning that you casually acknowledge that there’s a basic beat laced in there that isn’t part of your present track of thought yet gifts you with a general underlying observation of yourself and the world spinning beneath your feet. The game-changer is when you realize that your subconscious mind doesn’t just supplement your thoughts and beliefs, it creates and administrates them.

In the subconscious sector of that beautiful head of yours is a deep and wide catalog of every life experience that’s ever befell you. To zoom in a bit and illustrate this idea, it also remembers every face you’ve ever seen in a crowd. So, as you can discern, the subconscious mind operates at a much more rigid and intricate level that pushes beyond just functioning as the superficial undercurrent to your conscious mind. Understanding this level of function is step one in becoming aware of your self-orientative thoughts.

Now, from these archives your subconscious distills conclusions. The big ticket items can be quite obvious and you may already be very in tune with this. For example, if one of your parents left you in your childhood, or you were the hold-out in a romance gone wrong, you may have gleaned a sense of low-value or that you are someone not worthy of love and attention. The connections between these large-scale life events and your self-worth are not difficult to see, but in this is a clear example of the false narrative your subconscious can glue together and how thick and indelible these thoughts can become. The real education here is when you become aware of the seemingly small snapshots, one moment in time, or many, that also effect your track of thoughts. These things could be for example: An elementary school teacher that seemed indifferent to you but was warm to other students or perhaps a job interview you had at one time that felt a little cold to you. Some of these occurrences are very subtle and yet your subconscious records these events, makes a mix tape with the vibes you distill from these events, and then creates a conclusive thought that doesn’t ever really conclude; it loops. All of these thoughts pile on top of one another and organize themselves into a thesis about you.

So why is this track of thought so indelible, ongoing, and in it for the long haul? Because your subconscious mind cannot decipher which thoughts serve you or don’t serve you, and it cannot discern which of these thoughts are positive or negative. In fact, regardless of the severity of negative thoughts, your subconscious is committed to it’s own status quo. It’s sole desire is to doggy paddle in familiar waters and maintain an equipoise state.

This is why it is beyond important to really go deep and become aware of that song, that track of thoughts that plays in your head because it is the sole administrator, executor, and sustainer of what you believe to be true about YOU.


The Velvet Rope

Only certain companies can secure a high profile celebrity's endorsement, If someone wants to correspond with a CEO, they'll have to climb a few clerical channels to get a return call or an appointment.  It's simply because these people, at some point, decided they were someone of importance, and the logic behind this is quite useful in your own life.  

They put consistent energy into developing their persona, image, aura, and personal branding. Once they started throwing energy at themselves, others took notice and began throwing energy at them as well through promotions, business partnerships, and casting them in films/projects.  They handed others a script on how to treat them and interact with them as they went along, thus creating the celebrity, the chief executive officer, the person of social value. It's a loop.

Because they know their value, these type of people naturally fashion a velvet rope in front of themselves.  

The Velvet Rope. Nightclubs have it.  Some fine dining establishments have it.  It stands between important people and those talented people that are snapping their photo.  Sometimes, there's a matching carpet underneath.  Setting up a velvet rope in front of yourself creates and re-inforces your valued existence and re-frames you as a top-tier individual.  It's a rope bursting with standards and boundaries. You can do this today, before the next hour passes and you don't need Hollywood clout or a high net worth to get started.

 Not to worry, when done authentically this way of living won't make you appear snobbish or cold, but be warned that low-vibration negative people will most likely view you as such because they are lacking confidence and boundries within themselves.  However, seperation from these types and the calm waters that lie therein are exactly the point.

Your energy, time, ideas. and general presence are an expenditure of your existence and therefore should never be a bargain or easily accessed.  I'm not talking about an attitude of coldness or rudeness.  I'm talking about discretion and your constant evaluation on a case-by-case basis of who gets the privilege of your time, assistance, personality, and natural gifts.  

Your contact info, for example, with the exception of occupational and social neccessity, should be exclusive and private.  

At work, nobody but your super-verified work bff should know what's going in your life after you clock out.  You should also have a "one hello" policy at the workplace, meaning that if you greet someone once and they don't return it, that's the end of your greetings to them unless they initiate otherwise.  Your male co-worker that you don't see as a love interest or buddy shouldn't be able to text you something non-work related at 7pm.  Short of your work e-mail and desk extension, he shouldn't have your private cell number to begin with.  Better to have a quick second of you gently stating that you don't give out your digits, rather than you be the one inconvenienced and uncomfortable later on.  

This is the whole point of the velvet rope, to preserve your well-being.  There is a very polite and tactful way to clip up this rope and Grown Girl, you don't need to be told how to do it.  You know how to dig into the toolbox from Mama or Grandma and use your "politely decline" button.  

If you tend to share details and deep thoughts with a wide range of people because it feels therapeutic, you'll find that funneling those things into a journal or commissioning a professional therapist or psychiatrist will feel more empowering to you because it will allow you to release into a singular safe space.  

Favors. If you really think about it, you don't owe anyone a thing and anything that looks like a favor from you should only happen if you can rationalize it on a very logical and soulful level. Again, the case-by-case system.  The Cool Girl is of course kind, philanthropic, and rooted in serving those in need. She couldn't execute collectivity and connection with other females without building bridges and empowering others.  However, a favor from you must feel very right to you.  Remember, some people can get very comfortable under the umbrella of your assistance.  

If you operate from a place of caring discernment, you can live a beautiful and content life complete with a pretty crimson rope to frame it.