Baby Girl

The Feminine.  It's not floral or frills, although women firmly seated in their Girl often make outward choices in apparel and adornments that reflect that.  However, that's only a byproduct of the feminine experience, albeit a fun one.  Every woman, no matter their sexual orientation, personality, or core aura, has a masculine side and a feminine side.  This allows for full participation in the human experience. 

Your masculine side enables you to pursue goals, kill it in your career, and just plain go after life.  Your feminine side, however, is all about being.  No, that does not mean that femininity is colored with inaction or submission.  Quite the opposite.  It's your confidence.  Your content confidence. Your feminine side is in fact stronger than your masculine side, because it has to do with your value as a human being.  In the hierarchy of life, the feminine is the very pointy top of the pyrmaid.  Femininty is the core belief that you are a highly valuable woman simply because you entered this world as a female through a vagina, an incinsion, or curated science. 

 It doesn't matter if you had a long appendage at birth and then later chose a life of estrogen.  Your existence, by fate or choice, is that of the Girl.  It doesn't matter if you are a natural born woman who feels more comfortable living in your masculine on the inside and out.  You still owe it to yourself to make use of any feminine confidence you can access or develop within yourself. Women are the most valuable, priceless entity this globe will ever know. Your worth as a woman is completely and totally independent of the situation you were born into, the opportunities you have or haven't been privy to, your past or current socioeconomic status, the amount of hugs your Mom gave you, if your Father jumped ship, and so on and and so forth.  Your female value, your human value, literally hasn't a thing to do with anything that happened prior to this exact second.  It's logic.  We only exist in the present moment, and that is exactly where the feminine exists. 

The feminine operates out of her heart and her soul first.  She isn't up in her head second guessing herself because she knows her value.  She knows the value of a single moment in time, with her in it.  In fact, because she is content, she is fully present in each moment and knows how to stretch each second out like taffy, thus cultivating warmth for herself and any surrounding bystanders. She drops her conciousness down into her body and her heart.  This doesn't mean that she isn't using her brain.  It means that she is using her brain correctly and effectively, because she knows that her high-value thoughts are creating her high value reality. It means that she is secure in herself and that her upper crust femininity is dictating her thoughts. 

When you are a secure woman that isn't overthinking everything, but content and sure of yourself, life begins to make more sense and feel much more natural.  You won't be over-analyzing things as we women can do, because you will be fully aware of your self-established value, so you begin to make decisions and take actions that feel warm and right inside.  So essentially, your feminine side begins to tell your action-orientated masculine side how to roll, and that it what wakes up your Girl.